Wall Street has a language all its own, and expectations that often can be difficult to understand and predict. That’s why we created IR+, an enhanced investor relations program that incorporates our sell-side equity analyst experience with our standard IR Counsel. 

IR+ gives you access to our team of experienced analysts who provide an outside Wall Street viewpoint – with the knowledge of an insider. We know how professional investors think and work, and we can help senior management better understand how the strategic decisions they make will be received by professional investors.

IR+ Strategic Consulting Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client or project. You can choose IR+ Strategic Consulting Services as an ongoing service or engage us to examine specific projects and strategic initiatives.

Our ongoing IR+ service also includes two valuable deliverables: the Direct Report and the Fact Sheet.

The Direct Report is an internal report prepared exclusively for senior management and the board of directors. Its purpose is to help them better understand investors’ view of their company and how their stock is performing. The report includes: 

  • Stock price performance graphs
  • Peer valuation analysis
  • Top 20 shareholder analysis — including peers
  • Top 20 trading data analysis
  • Street sentiment snapshot
  • Analysts’ ratings of industry peers
  • Summary and analysis of analysts’ estimates
  • Other client-specific customized schedules and analysis

IR+ also features a concise, information-rich Fact Sheet written by our analysts that is customized for use by professional investors. The document is four to six pages in length and is updated regularly to reflect significant company developments. The Fact Sheet is a valuable tool for your institutional investor marketing program.