IR Express – IR Solutions to Enhance Your Investment Thesis to Wall Street

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Is your Company’s story misunderstood or underappreciated by Wall Street?

Does your Company have a big vision and a small budget?

Are you struggling to reach the right investors -- made worse by the current economic crisis?

Dennard Lascar Investor Relations can help you:

  • Maximize your exposure to Wall Street investors
  • Enhance attention and attraction from the right institutional investors
  • Distinguish your unique value proposition through enhanced IR collaterals

Dennard Lascar Investor Relations’ IR Express is a solution for growth-oriented public companies, with generally smaller market capitalization and lower trading liquidity. IR Express is an innovative solution for companies looking to enhance the appeal and appreciation of their investment thesis.  This innovative offering provides small and micro-cap companies with professional counsel and collateral, without the burden of hiring a FTE or signing a long-term agency contract.

As a full-service IR firm with more than 23 years of experience assisting and counseling over 190 public, private and pre-IPO clients, Dennard Lascar Investor Relations’ IR Express offering is ideal for forward-thinking executive management teams. Like you, we fully understand the vast importance of sustaining – and growing - shareholder value as well as expanding trading volume through grass roots, low cost efforts.

Benefits of IR Express

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