As a Dennard Lascar client, you will work with an energetic team of professionals led by highly experienced practitioners, providing both high-level strategic counsel and additional manpower when that’s what you need most. Our team members have a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise across a variety of industries, and we collaborate to ensure that our clients always get the benefit of our best advice from our most knowledgeable in-house experts.

No two clients are alike – that’s why each Investor Relations program is custom tailored to fit each company’s individual needs.  Newly public companies or those without in-house IR teams rely most on our IR Counsel services to help them communicate with and market themselves to Wall Street on a daily basis.  Others value our Analytical Services to help them better understand how they are performing against their peers and the overall market.  We prepare weekly, monthly or quarterly interpretive reports that are customized for each client’s particular data needs and reporting preferences.   

For executives who are new to the public company arena, our Corporate Governance training helps them get up to speed quickly on crucial topics such as public disclosure requirements and how to avoid running afoul of those rules as they begin communicating with various investor audiences. 

Through our Crisis Planning and Training program, we also train senior executives and designated spokespeople on how to prepare for and manage an operating or corporate crisis, and how to skillfully communicate with the news media, investors and other external audiences during a crisis to control the message and protect your company’s most valuable asset – its reputation. 

All of our clients can save thousands of dollars a year on IR vendor services by taking advantage of volume discounts we negotiate for services such as newswire distribution, website development and hosting, conference calls and webcasts.  Unlike most agencies, we never mark up our out-of-pocket client expenses.