Dennard Lascar Investor Relations Serves SPAC Sponsors and SPAC Target Management Teams

Houston – September 2, 2020 Dennard Lascar Investor Relations, a leading provider of advanced investor relations counsel and innovative analytical services, today announces its SPAC IPO and de-SPAC advisory practice.  

Ken Dennard, Dennard Lascar’s CEO, stated, “We understand the importance of engaging a strategic and experienced IR firm early enough in the SPAC process to develop an integrated plan – combining the best of media, PR and IR communications for a successful execution.” 

Dennard added, “These deals tend to move fast, and a robust and cohesive plan ensures sponsors, management and investors a smooth public markets outcome, which is critical when building stock liquidity and a foundation for trading under a new ticker.

“We have worked closely with private companies, private equity firms and public companies, as well as IPO and SPAC sponsors for over two decades across multiple industry sectors.  We have experience working with these stakeholders before, during and after the merger from an IR, corporate governance, and organization readiness perspective.  Our professionals include IROs, PR leaders, CFAs, MBAs, CPAs and former sell-side analysts, so we understand and know how to create compelling messaging to attract the right buy-side investors and sell-side analysts for the new public company,” concluded Dennard.

About Dennard Lascar Investor Relations

Dennard Lascar provides a full range of investor relations and analytical services, financial media and crisis communications services, and strategic counsel to enhance the visibility, transparency and credibility of its clients within the investment and business communities.  Founded in 1997, Dennard Lascar is headquartered in Houston, with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth.  For more information regarding clients or services, please visit or call (713) 529-6600.

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