Select Water Solutions Announces Release of 2023 Sustainability Report

Select's focus on reducing greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions resulted in a 9% reduction in combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions intensity from 2022

Select treated or recycled 18.4 billion gallons of water, a 37% increase from 2022

Select recycled 6.6 billion gallons of water at our fixed facilities, a 47% increase from 2022, reflecting the continued expansion of our Water Infrastructure segment

Select meaningfully exceeded the annual water recycling and employee safety targets embedded in the Company's sustainability-linked credit facility for 2023 by 319% and 57%, respectively

HOUSTON, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Select Water Solutions (NYSE: WTTR), a leading provider of sustainable water management and chemical solutions, proudly announces the publication of its 2023 Sustainability Report. This report underscores Select's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, operational excellence, and innovative practices that drive sustainable growth in the energy sector.

John Schmitz, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Each year we have the opportunity to reflect back on our achievements as they relate to sustainability and environmental performance, and in 2023, we were proud to have made substantial progress toward our goals. Both our produced water recycling and safety performance targets associated with our sustainability-linked credit facility were once again meaningfully exceeded in 2023. We've honed our focus as a water and chemistry technology innovator and continued to expand our footprint with additional fixed recycling facilities, underwritten by long-term customer contracts. By investing in and developing these strategic infrastructure assets, Select is not only expanding its operational capacity but also reinforcing its commitment to a sustainability strategy. Our advanced chemical solutions contribute to optimizing our recycling process, verifying consistent water quality and enhancing the operational efficiency of oil and gas production. 

"As we move through 2024, our enthusiasm for Select's future is stronger than ever. We are committed to advancing our growth mission with precise operational execution, significant infrastructure investments, consistent earnings growth, and returning capital to our shareholders, all underpinned by our steadfast dedication to sustainability. We owe immense thanks to our team of talented and committed employees, whose steadfast support of these goals continues to propel us forward," concluded Mr. Schmitz.

Select's 2023 Sustainability Report outlines the policies, processes, procedures, and performance by which Select Water Solutions sets and advances its Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") objectives. The report highlights the Company's dedication to environmental stewardship and its efforts to foster sustainable development within the communities where it operates.

Highlights of Select's 2023 sustainability report include:

  • Reported key ESG performance metrics guided by multiple external disclosure frameworks
  • Disclosed Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and intensity data utilizing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance and calculation methods, along with progress on the Company's emissions reduction initiatives
  • Efforts to reduce GHG emissions resulted in a 10% reduction in Scope 1 emissions intensity and a 2% reduction in Scope 2 emissions intensity for a combined 9% reduction in overall emissions intensity
  • Meaningfully surpassed the annual threshold and target levels for both total recordable incident rate ("TRIR") (57% outperformance) and recycled produced water via fixed facilities (319% outperformance) as outlined in Select's sustainability-linked credit facility
  • Reported a 47% year-over-year increase in barrels of produced water recycled at our fixed recycling facilities
  • Achieved a 176% year-over-year increase in recycled produced water as a percent of total barrels of water sold
  • Increased wastewater disposal volumes by 18% year-over-year
  • Maintained a diverse workforce with 53% of the total employee base represented by traditionally underrepresented ethnic groups and 48% of employees in management represented by underrepresented ethnic and gender groups
  • Achieved a lost time incident rate ("LTIR") of 0.16 and a TRIR of 0.44
  • Sourced 99% of chemicals from companies with active or partially implemented ESG or sustainability programs

The 2023 Sustainability Report reviews the application of Select's business principles and supporting policies across its operations. It includes comprehensive discussions with internal and external stakeholders, supplemented by consultations with third-party experts. This report follows the recommended disclosures of the Task Force on Financial Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD), the topics suggested by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS) for the Oil & Gas Services, Water Utilities, and Chemicals industries, and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. Select is committed to regularly reporting on our ESG policies, procedures, and performance through our website and annual Sustainability Report. Readers are encouraged to view the complete Sustainability Report at

About Select Water Solutions, Inc.

Select is a leading provider of sustainable water and chemical solutions to the energy industry. These solutions are supported by the Company's critical water infrastructure assets, chemical manufacturing and water treatment and recycling capabilities. As a leader in sustainable water and chemical solutions, Select places the utmost importance on safe, environmentally responsible management of water throughout the lifecycle of a well. Additionally, Select believes that responsibly managing water resources throughout its operations to help conserve and protect the environment is paramount to the Company's continued success.  For more information, please visit Select's website,

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