What would you do if a reporter appeared at the site of a deadly accident at one of your company locations, camera rolling?

It can take years to build a strong reputation among investors and other audiences, but a poorly managed crisis situation can destroy it overnight.

Dennard Lascar can help you prepare so that if an emergency strikes, your management team and employees are well equipped to communicate effectively - not only with news media and investors, but also neighbors, law enforcement and emergency response officials, local leaders, regulators and customers.

Our project-based services are customized to meet each client's specific needs.

We can create from scratch a concise crisis communications plan that identifies roles, responsibilities and protocols that drive your communications at various stages of a crisis, or we can redesign an out-of-date or cumbersome plan into an easy-to-use, action-oriented document.

Next, we will train designated spokespeople to understand how the news media thinks and works and refine their skills using mock interviews of realistic crisis scenarios.

Finally, we can conduct a crisis simulation for management and frontline teams to make sure everyone understands their roles, how to execute them, and identify your vulnerabilities before a real crisis occurs.

When that first inbound call comes, Dennard Lascar's senior level counselors will be ready to help you activate your plan, keep it on track and ensure that your company is delivering the right messages to the right audiences, when and where the public needs to hear from you most.