Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are rapidly becoming vital concerns for many of your Company’s constituents, but do you have the resources to effectively address them?

An increasing number of socially responsible investors use ESG criteria to screen potential investments.  Additionally, demand is growing from general investors, employees, consumers and the public at large for companies to address material ESG concerns.  Many experts believe that ESG-focused companies are stronger, more resilient, and more attractive to investors, as well as perceived as better corporate citizens.  

Given that ESG is complex and still relatively new, many companies don’t have the internal resources to develop an integrated ESG strategy and effectively communicate it to stakeholders, or simply feel overwhelmed by the process.

Dennard Lascar can help you get started or progress an early stage ESG program through strategic counsel and implementation assistance.  We can advise and support key processes such as:

  • Choosing an ESG framework on which to base your overall program
  • Identifying material risks and performance metrics
  • ESG benchmarking and peer comparisons
  • Understanding key stakeholder perspectives
  • Engaging executives and the Board of Directors
  • Promoting buy-in and developing internal ESG working groups
  • Creating near-term and long-term action plans
  • Managing timelines and resources
  • Developing ESG collateral materials and regulatory disclosures

As with quality investor communications, effective ESG disclosure can add investor value and help enhance a company’s reputation.   Whether your company is interested in initiating a Sustainability Report or creating an ESG-focused microsite, Dennard Lascar can help you develop and communicate your ESG vision, performance, and goals.