Are research analysts accurately modeling your company, and do investors clearly understand your investment thesis?

It can be hard to meet a consensus earnings estimate when the spread between the high and low estimate is too wide.

Our team of former sell-side analysts can help you better understand how analysts and institutional investors view your company and rate you against your peers. We can then help you fine tune your messaging to help Wall Street better understand your company.

We know how professional investors think and work, and we can help senior management better understand how the strategic decisions they make will be interpreted by professional investors.

Our Analytical Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client or project. We offer both ongoing and project-specific strategic consulting services.

Each quarter our analysts prepare a data-rich Direct Report package for internal use by your management and board to help you better understand investors' view of your company and how your stock is performing against your peers. Direct Report includes:

  • Top 20 shareholder analysis - including peers
  • Top 20 trading data analysis
  • Stock price performance graphs
  • Peer valuation analysis
  • Street sentiment snapshot
  • Analysts' ratings of industry peers
  • Summary and analysis of analysts' estimates
  • Other client-specific customized schedules and analysis

We can also prepare a concise but informative Fact Sheet that can be valuable tool for your institutional investor marketing program. The Fact Sheet is typically four to six pages long and is updated regularly to reflect significant company developments.

Our Perception Surveys of analysts and money managers can help management better understand what the investment community thinks about your strategy, effectiveness and growth opportunities.